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Benefits of Wooden Toys

February 10, 2017

Play is essential for children’s development and whilst the interactive flashing lights, bells and whistles of the new plastic toys have a place within a child’s play, there is nothing quite like a proper wooden toy and the benefits they bring.





Because wooden toys are natural and simple in design, they are timeless and never go out of fashion. It is no coincidence that wooden toys have been around for many generations and are still popular today. Grandparents and even great grandparents have tried and tested such toys and now most traditional toys have been transformed in to modern examples, which will continue to delight children both today and for many more years to come.


Wooden toys offer many key benefits in young children’s education. When playing with a toy that has its own electronic features, children are limited in how they respond to that toy and what play value they can get from it. Without the pre conceived purposes, children will play in their own creative scenarios, using their imagination and will often supply their own sounds. Although high tech toys are good at amusing and distracting children, children are not using their own imagination and are therefore limiting their development. They are also unlikely to bring others in to their play as they are getting the responses that they desire from the sound effects or reactions to pressing buttons which encourages solo play. As wooden toys don’t tell you how to play with them, children will be encouraged to develop and use their own imagination, creativity, problem solving and reasoning skills and due to this, wooden toys also help to increase children’s attention span. Without being confined to playing in a certain way, children will often use their wooden toy within or to re-enact real-life situations learning life skills as they play.

Wooden toys bring a level of versatility as a toddler will often choose to play in a certain way, but as they grow they may bring that toy in to other situations. For example a younger child would enjoy using this set to learn about fruit and vegetables and colours whilst also developing their fine motor and puzzle solving skills by ‘chopping’ the magnetised pieces and placing these back together in the correct holes. However, an older child would also enjoy learning about the science of magnets, using their play food within a pretend shop or market and learning about wholes and halves.


Many of the wooden toys at Rascals Toy Shop are simple, natural and beautiful, developing children’s imagination with open ended play and enhancing their sensory development. This fits in with the concepts of Waldorf education developed by Rudolf Steiner and Montessori philosophy.



Wooden toys feel fantastic, they are lovely to hold and feel solid and dependable. The weight of wooden toys encourages children to feel what their movements are doing; for example the wooden wheels can mean that a play vehicle needs more power in a push than a plastic car. This can be of great benefit to children with a delay in their motor skills.


Wooden toys are designed to be safe. Many at Rascals Toy Shop are painted in water based paint and as they are made from natural materials, you do not have the worry of what chemicals have been applied to the toy and what children are inevitably putting in their mouths. There are smooth surfaces without sharp edges which are also easy to clean.




Play environment;

Have you ever woken in the night to a toy flashing and sounding out? Or a pretend baby doll crying? Wooden Toys are quiet and calming both for children and adults. You can focus on your child making their own sounds and stories and developing their own personality further, as they learn and interact in their own play world.



Wooden Toys are truly beautiful. They are wonderful to gift for new babies and first birthday’s as even if they cannot be used straight away, they look fantastic on the shelf or in the playroom.




Wooden toys do generally cost more than the latest plastic toys however they bring incredible value for money, allowing you to focus on quality and not quantity. They have the potential to last throughout a childhood and a child’s own adult life and even be passed on as a modern heirloom to be enjoyed by other generations. It is more economical to buy a toy that will last for many years rather than a fashionable cheaper toy that could break easily and create more waste.

Rascals Toy Shop brings you a range of quality wooden toys with a professional and friendly service. We also have some exceptionally soft soft toys and are always on the lookout for other quirky and traditional style toys to bring to you at


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